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What Is The Next Philly Neighborhood To Blow Up?

Normally, when people speak of booming revitalization in Philly, they typically focus the spotlight on Fishtown as a shining example of its success, and for very good reason. However, the recent success in Fishtown has left some wondering; what is the next big revitalized Philly neighborhood to blow up? There’s more than one answer to that question, but to learn more about all of them, read on below.


Out of all the examples of how Philadelphia neighborhoods can blend as diverse, beautiful, harmonious, and thriving cultural melting points, Olney is perhaps amongst the best of the best. Residents and tourists alike don’t have to venture far to find eateries with authentic cuisine tastes from Mexico, Jamaica, Korea, Colombia, and elsewhere. The numbers don’t lie either; as of 2015, approximately 35% of Olney residents were born outside the United States.

North 5th Street has built a reputation for itself as an incredible hotspot for immigrant entrepreneurs to shine, strive, and move closer toward realizing their own American dreams. Along with small businesses, the neighborhood has been home to several community centers for people to find common ground, connections, and solidarity. To top it off, for as low as $750 a month for renting a single bedroom residence, it’s a remarkably affordable option for those who want city life without some of the higher city prices.  


The name harkens back to none other than the 19th and 20th Century breweries that dominated local business in this area, but while there’s still plenty of good, noteworthy craft beer places like Rybrew in the area, they’re far from the only noteworthy thing in the area. For starters, with SEPTA all over the area, Center City a mere 15 minute drive (or 25 minute walk) away, and the Art Museum, Fairmount Park, and Philly all in walking distance, it’s remarkably easy to get around. It wouldn’t be a new Fishtown contender without overwhelming food options, retail options, and dozens of new developments arising in such a short time, most notably, the 31 Brewerytown Luxury Apartments. Yes, there’s plenty of good eats to compliment Brewerytown’s good drinks, and with rents as low as $475 or $635 a month, you don’t need to shell out a lot to get in on the action.


For over 200 years, Harrowgate has prospered as a lively, diverse, and promising community, and it’s only looking to be on the up and up. Moreover, given that it’s situated only a few blocks from the Tioga El Subway station, residents are privileged with an easy, convenient throughline to the rest of the city. Like the other neighborhoods, Harrowgate has started to become a great epicenter of authentic multicultural foods and Vietnamese coffee, though revitalization efforts have really shined through on the residential front: one of the most prolific complexes to lead this neighborhood real estate resurgence has been George Manosis’ J-Street Lofts, offering luxury city living at affordable rates. If you wish to seek further information about the J Street Lofts, please visit our Residential Properties page for more in-depth listings. If you have any more general inquiries, please visit our Contact Page and fill out the form for a prompt consultation. No matter which neighborhood you decide to call home in the end, happy hunting!

Posted by: gmhm on May 3, 2019
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