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Port Richmond Neighborhood Guide

Port Richmond Neighborhood Guide

Port Richmond is bounded by Frankford Creek and the Delaware River on the northern and eastern. Lehigh Avenue borders it to the south and Frankford Ave to the west. The neighborhood is primarily called home by blue-collar, family-oriented people who have lived there for generations. But, this quiet community is quickly evolving.  Read on to learn everything you need to know about the neighborhood in our Port Richmond neighborhood guide.

Port Richmond Cost of living

Because it is generally cheaper than Fishtown and much less crowded, it is quickly becoming a hub for young professionals that need to commute into Center City for work. The rental market is valuable in Port Richmond as many newly-renovated, one-bedroom apartments go for $800 a month. For example, The Loom Philly is a previously abandoned warehouse that has been restored and turned into contemporary studio apartments and small offices. 

If you’re interested in buying a home, you won’t have to shell out a lot of money. Also, the median sale price for a three-bedroom, one-bath home a mere $165,000, giving young families financial flexibility. 

Cultural Value

Another pull towards this community for young people is the cultural diversity. Maryann Trombetta, President of the Port Richmond’s town watch- describes the neighborhood as, “a diverse mix of immigrant groups (Polish, Irish and Italian) whose rich ethnic traditions and cuisines contribute to the area’s vibrancy.” All walks of life are welcomed and celebrated in this community. The mesh of ethnicities in Port Richmond has attracted many new faces who are looking for a safe haven in our seemingly divided nation. 

Things to do in Port Richmond

A walkable downtown has been created by new small businesses such as Bait & Switch, an award-winning seafood spot and the River Wards Cafe, joining established favorites like Tacconelli’s Pizza and Serpico, a fine-dining hot spot. You certainly don’t need a car to enjoy yourself in this neighborhood. You also won’t need one to get to work. The train and bus route will get you anywhere in the city in 30 minutes or less. With affordable housing, diversity and lots of great bars and restaurants, the easy public transportation system is the cherry on top of Port Richmond. 

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