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Apartments with Parking in Philadelphia

Apartments with Parking in Philadelphia

Parking in any big city is a production. In Philadelphia, it’s an expensive, risky feat. For starters, the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) are arguably the most well-organized governmental agency in the city. If your car is found parked a few minutes over your allotted time, there’s a good chance you’re going to receive a ticket. You can’t tell what the parking regulation signs are saying? You’re not alone! The signs are so jumbled and confusing, it’s like they’re trying to trick you. If you’re thinking about avoiding PPA and their tickets by parking in a public garage, you’re looking at $18-$40 in garage fees depending on where you are and how long you stay. PPA isn’t the only threat brought by parking on the city streets. Sideswipes, break-ins and getting stuck between two parked cars who don’t care if you have room to get out are all you have to look forward to. Read on to learn more about finding apartments with parking in Philadelphia.

The Solution

Lucky for you, we have a solution. Located at 3450 J Street, the J Street Lofts offer everything city dwellers could imagine in one building. The newly constructed lofts offer a large garage for residents to park. Keep your car off the streets and out of the overpriced public garages! When you sign on to lease an apartment in the J Street Lofts, access to the private garage is included in your rent. If you don’t own a car, you’re still in the right place. The lofts are just a couple blocks from the train station.

J Street Perks

The lofts include more than just exclusive parking and public transportation walkability. When you rent an apartment in the J Street Lofts you can expect numerous luxurious perks at an affordable price.

You’ll never have to worry about security in these lofts. There will always be a security guard in the lobby, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The building is accompanied by a large, outdoor patio that is perfect for entertaining your guests, meeting your neighbors or simply relaxing in the sun. Also available to all residents is a spacious gym equipped with cardio machines and free weights. 

Inside your apartment, you can look forward to spacious rooms with modern designs. The large windows provide ample natural light during the day and a stunning view of the city at night. 

Our Properties 

Safe, affordable and elegant. Take a look inside GM Holdings’ available properties that include private parking and many more amenities.

1822 E Glenwood Ave Unit 105 – Just Leased!

This gorgeous, clean-cut 1 bedroom apartment is conveniently located within walking distance to the train in a gated community. You can enjoy a spacious bedroom with a full bath, large closet space and windows for ample sunlight. Connected your grand living space is a full kitchen that has a bar style countertop and updated appliances. There is a large gated common outdoor area for all tenants to use as for entertaining, socializing or relaxing. Each lease comes with a parking spot in the gated lot for your convenience. All properties are under 24 hour security and surveillance for your comfort and safety. 

3450 J Street Unit 210

This stunning bi-level apartment allows you to stretch out. It offers a full kitchen with luxurious quartz countertops and stainless new appliances; perfect for entertaining friends and family. The exposed brick walls compliment the modern fixtures to create an elegant, industrial design. The large windows provide lots of natural sunlight in the living room. Upstairs on the second floor you will find a size-able bedroom that contains enough space for a king bed and an office desk. The bathroom on this level has updated appliances and a spacious shower.

3450 J Street Unit 201

Take a look inside one of our gorgeous units in the J Street Lofts. Unit 201 is an expansive 1 bedroom apartment that is located within walking distance to the train. Some of the many perks that come with renting an apartment in the J Street Lofts is the in-house washer and dryer and private parking. The unit also comes with access to the gym and large common areas both indoor and outdoor to meet all of your entertaining needs. The lofts are secured all day, everyday of the year by certified security guards, ensuring that you are able to and feel safe within your own apartment. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with parking at their home in the Philadelphia area, GM Holdings has the solution. Our gorgeous and affordable units have private parking garages as well as security guards and private gyms. Don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind units, they are going fast! Call us today to schedule a showing or visit our website to view the rest of our available properties for rent: (215) 425-4475.

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